Martin (#H1583)

As a passionate developer my favorite book is Magento github. As a problem solver I will be solve before they happen. As a specialist the INs and the OUTs of your data will be known before the conversation is over. As a mentor I turn "I" into "We".

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Backend Developer
Qu├ębec, Canada
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Adobe Certified Professional - Magento Commerce Developer
Contract, Full Time
$80k-$120k/year or $40-$60/hour (37 hours/week)

Hi! As a developer who absolutely love what I do for a living, here's how I would defne myself professionally in four major points :

I am passionate. Certified Magento solution developer who is hell-bent on providing the best solution to business specific problems using the industry's most advanced tools and standards. My favorite book is Magento's github.

I am a problem solver. I have experience debugging complex problems related to data connectors and their respective responsibilities. I solve problems before they happen.

I am specialized. I have experience developing realtime and/or scheduled catalogs/inventories/prices/price rules/customers/customers groups connection with your ERP and/or 3rd party inventory provider, manufacturer or business partners. I know the INs and the OUTs of your data before the conversation is over.

I am a mentor. I have experience mentoring and supporting small teams of neophytes Magento developers into proeficient Magento developers. I turn "I" into "We".