Solutions Architect (#H1476)

10 years experience working with Magento and in the eCommerce space. Filling several roles from Senior Magento Developer, Team Lead, Solutions Architect, and DevOps Engineer.

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Solutions Architect
United States
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M2 Professional Cloud M2 Frontend Developer M2 Professional Developer M2 Associate Developer
Architecture Backend Development 3rd Party System Integration Amazon Web Services (AWS) Backend Architecture Magento 10 years experience 3rd Party Extension Customization DevOps Terraform Docker
Contract, Full Time
$175k-$180k/year or $125-$130/hour (40 hours/week)

Having been in eCommerce for 10 years I've had the fortune to work with many brands to accomplish their development goals. I've also managed to transition through several roles across many projects that cover many aspects of the project lifecycle. Working with teams large and small to deliver on migrations, integrations, fresh builds and heavy customizations I've gained a lot of experience and understanding of both Magento and eCommerce.