Simple, friendly pricing

Purely month-to-month pricing. If you stop working with a new hire for any reason, you stop paying.

12% Of First Year Salary

Simply pay 12% of salary on a month-to-month basis for a maximum of 1 year. If your new hire is let go for any reason or leaves, you'll stop paying. Simple as that.

For example, if you hire someone for $100k/year, we would charge $1k/month for a max of 12 months ($12k total), assuming they stay with you. If they stop working for you for any reason or you let them go, then you simply stop paying.


  • No up-front charges

  • When hiring freelancers, the term applies to 1 year of billed hours (2080).

  • Communicate and schedule interviews directly with candidates

  • No charges until your new hire's start date