Job: Full Stack Developer

I need a talented Magento developer to help implement Magento functionality for a delivery cannabis dispensary in the San Francisco Bay area

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"Sava, Inc" (Verified billing information)
Full Stack Developer
Remote Anywhere
$100-$150/hour (15 hours/week)

I need someone who knows Magento inside and out to help with development of the custom components of this Magento installation period we are a cannabis delivery dispensary located in the San Francisco Bay area and we are upgrading our infrastructure, with one of the components being a Magento installation for our primary shopping website. This Magento installation contains a number of custom components that are specific to the industry, such as state reporting integrations, specialized batch tracking requirements for incoming inventory, and other such customizations. We have many of these customizations already built to a degree but we need someone with a strong level of experience to come in and help us finish these pieces off you'll be the senior Magento developer by our side, and will work with me - a developer and your lead on this project, and maybe one other person at times. I'll be looking to you to tell us how the right way of doing things is in Magento land and we will work together to implement various pieces of all of this. I expect this endeavor to take about 15 hours of your time per week for a 2 1/2 month period. I don't care where where you're located, happy to work remote but you must be able to communicate well and be available now and then during USA business hours