Full Stack Developer (#H1329)

Dominic is a Lead Developer for a team of 5 at a high throughput Magento 2 store. He deals with large scale and high availability and knows how to run/support a store/business as well as simply create a web store.

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Full Stack Developer
California, United States
Last active
1 year ago
PHP MySQL Amazon Web Services (AWS) CI/CD Automated Testing Javascript Python Linux
Contract, Full Time
$180k-$180k/year or $90-$115/hour (20 hours/week)

My name is Dominic, I am a software engineer with vast Magento experience.

I am interested in design patterns and architecture and orchestrating solutions by understanding the bigger picture. I am also very capable at debugging in the weeds when needed to solve the pesky issues that inevitably show up.

I am in responsible for reviewing, writing and architecting solutions of a Magento store that does about half a billion in yearly sales and growing. I also play a crucial role in keeping the site up and available so revenue is always coming in.

I lead a team of 5 (and growing), I have in-depth knowledge of PHP, Javascript and Software architecture as general knowledge of AWS and infrastructure to work hand in hand with systems administrators and bridge the gap to keep developer operations running smoothly (that is my personal definition of DevOps). However infrastructure is not my passion nor my primary responsibility. I thoroughly love high scale solutions from good software architecture.

I feel confident that I can work with the best of them and also pride myself in being easy to work with and having the personality to "just figure it out".

Work ethic and tenacity are unteachable characteristics and I have them both.