Everbody should look into VueJS

Everybody should be looking into VueJS.

If you, as a developer, are frustrated with the codebase you’re working in with Magento (whether you’re working in a legacy codebase or you’re just not excited about what you’re working with,) look into VueJS.

There are a lot of different options for frameworks and I’m sure they’re all great. VueJS is the one I have worked with that I enjoy.

Vue has a level of excitement around it that’s really great. It’s an awesome skillset to have and developers seem to truly enjoy it. It can also hook into a Magento site, which is something you could talk to your boss about.

It’s a great way to not only keep your skills up-to-date and marketable but also work in something you enjoy.

Now if you’re an employer of developers, you should also look into Vue or other frontend frameworks. It’s a great way to improve the speed and usability of your site. Plus, it improves developer satisfaction.

Developers love to work in modern frontend frameworks. They like to keep their skills sharp and learn new things.

As a team lead this is something you should be doing to improve performance, satisfaction, and productivity.