You should probably be playing more video games with your dev team

All remote teams are looking for ways to stay connected - and video games just may be the answer.

This is a recurring theme I've heard when talking to development agency owners and people in general.

It's a challenge to find time to get together - coordinate time zones, etc. Several people have talked about playing video games - how they can do that as a team - it's a cool way to unplug and do something social that's non-work-related together.

We're spending so much time in the same place at our computer in our home and it's hard to switch modes.

Video games are probably one of the few things you can do to truly switch context and mindset while in the same physical location.

So this is probably a good thing for any team to do together - but probably specifically dev teams.

I ran a poll recently and 33% said they do play games with their team, and 35% said they don't but would like to.

If you're part of a dev team or manage a dev team, you should probably look into that.

There will be people who aren't into it, and that's cool as well.

But this may be one of the best ways to connect as a team during Covid.