Too much urgency driving your business is equivalent to driving drunk

Many people are continually driven by a sense of urgency in their work - whether as business owners, freelancers, or even as individual employees.

If you are constantly driven by urgency, it's so hard to take a step back. In this clip, Brian Casel gives an incredible analogy.

Working with continual urgency is like driving drunk. You're running your business and money is a little bit tight. You take that client who you know is a bad client, but they have the budget.

You make bad choices. There's going to be all sorts of fall-out. Then at some point you're going to crash.


While we are both laughing at this in this clip, it's not out of a lack of empathy. It's because we've both been there before.

I've been in this situation personally - running on fumes, reaching burn-out, feeling depressed.

I really would love to see more people remove the toxic urgency from their work lives in order to work with more calm, purpose, and productivity.