Companies that are working remotely but hiring onsite?!

Companies that are currently working remotely but are hiring for onsite roles only 🤯 😬

That's a strange one right?

We're all working remotely right now. Many are working remotely for the first time, and I've heard from a number of people that are having this experience when interviewing with companies.

The company is currently working remotely and the candidate is likely working remotely at their current job as well, so they assume that the company would hire remote.

But that's not the case - they say "no the job is in office for when things get back to normal"

My first reaction to that is that it's crazy - everything is remote and everyone is accepting it on some level - why wouldn't you hire remote?

But the truth is that we're all waiting for things to return back to normal on some level.

I keep waiting for the sauna to open back up at the gym - it's probably never going to happen but every single day I go in and hope that it's open.

Some people embraced remote work a long time ago. Others are starting to embrace it. Others are just doing it because they have to and hoping that they don't have to long term.

I believe that remote work is the future - but the future is unevenly distributed and, despite the current acceleration towards remote work, it's going to take a long time for many to fully embrace it.