Bewing a newbie in a community is hard

I’ve been looking into investing in rental properties. I’ve been delving into online communities and forums and listening to podcasts on the topic.

In a way it reminds me of the Magento community.

When you’re a newbie to a community and you’re trying to get the lay of the land, it can be very intimidating.

Having been in the Magento space for a while and met a lot of people, I’ve seen a lot of the common pitfalls people run into. At this point, those things are common sense to me. I’m fully enveloped in that world.

But those things wouldn’t be obvious to a newcomer into the space. Sometimes I’ll meet new merchants at conferences who are trying to enter the world but aren’t quite sure about everything yet. They might hear us joke around about projects that have failed.

In the rental property world, I’m the newbie. I’ve been asking a lot of questions and getting advice. People in that community have shared horror stories about certain experiences.

Of course, I want to know exactly how to avoid those problems and do it correctly. That’s exactly what newcomers to the Magento world want to know when they hear our stories.

Online forums help, and I’m grateful for them right now. Ultimately though, time is the biggest factor in learning about any new space.