Avoiding martial language in the workplace

One of the takeaways from the Basecamp book "It doesn't have to be crazy at work" is that people equate business with war too much and that creates a perception of anti-empathy.

"The troops, the generals, lieutenants, gotta go into battle...

Think about how that makes you feel - meanwhile there is real war going on that's terrible and people are losing their homes and lives across the world and we're here comparing our relatively mundane ecommerce jobs to war.

So for example when I hear "Magento force" is the new name of the Magento community...

Force is not always a good thing. Nobody wants to be forced to do things.

The martial language thing has helped us to stop talking in a certain way that creates that violent imagery.

And that brings a more consistent mindset, so I think that's cool because it turns down the pressure while keeping you focused."