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Commerce Hero understood the team I was building, aligned with my goals and scaled with my needs. We became the most certified Magento partner in the ecosystem and our customers have never been happier.

Joel Hart
CEO, Mediotype

How it works

Here's what the process looks like, from signing up to posting a job, interviewing and hiring talent, and making payments.

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    Sign up

    Sign up - you'll quickly authenticate via your Google account and you're off to the races.

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    Post your job and start getting matches

    Post some details on your job, including your budget, the skills you're looking for, and a short description - you can either request matches with specific individuals or wait for matches to be sent to you - usually within 1 business day.

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    Interview and hire talent

    As you begin to get matches, you can interview talent just like you normally would when hiring - you'll get their direct contact information and can communicate directly. When you're ready to make a hire, log back in to assign your job to them or just email us.

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    Make payments

    For freelance hires, you'll be invoiced on a regular basis by the talent and we'll process your credit card or bank account (ACH) on file. For full time hires, we'll also charge your payment method on file on a monthly basis, beginning on their start date.


See our fees below for hiring full time or freelance talent

Full-time permanent hire

12% /month
  • Pay 12% of monthly salary on a purely month-to-month basis (15 months maximum)

  • Pay directly using your own payroll

  • If they stop working for you for any reason, you simply stop paying.

Most popular

Freelance, paid via platform

13% /month
  • Hire freelancers and pay them via the Commerce Hero platform

  • We will deduct 13% of the payments made to the freelancer. You don't pay any additional fees.

  • Commerce Hero process payments for you

  • Fee is deducted from freelancers payout

  • Pay via credit card or ACH

  • Month-to-month

Freelance, paid directly

13% /month
  • You pay the freelancer directly via your own payroll

  • You will be charged 13% of the invoice amounts that you pay out directly to the freelancer.

  • Month-to-month